Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pretzel Sticky Buns!!!

   Hey gang!
  So, something that Colleen, our production manager has been working on is developing a line of unique, badass pastries for us.  One of her finest is the Pretzel Sticky Bun.  This guy is amazing.  It uses our pretzel dough as the base and is layered with European butter, organic currants and this great Saigon cinammon from our friends at Oaktown Spice Shop.  The whole thing gets dipped in lye, portioned and baked with this amazing caramel glaze and pecan mixture. Below is a link to a cool, quick video  of the process for you to checkout.  Why is "Welcome To The Jungle" the backing song for the video?  Because Axl is amazing, fact..

     Last Saturday at Whole Foods here in lovely Oakland they did a pop up for us with the sticky buns to see how they would sell in the store. Someone snatched up 6 in the first five minutes after seeing our facebook post about it.  How cool is that! We're doing one today, so head on down and grab one before they're all gone, they're only 4 bucks.  Thanks and have a good one!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hey there, it's been awhile, huh!

   Well, we've been away from the blog for a bit.  Busy baking bread like crazy, doing lots of custom bread work for clients and working on creating some new tasty treats for our friends on and the Kensington Farmers Market.
   After 5 long years of Firebrand we finally have a website up and running!  Crazy right?  Well, it's pretty badass, so you can check it out at  We're going to be doing this blog thang much more regularly and throwing more cool pics of what we're up to on our facebook page,  Thanks a ton and check back soon for some cool updates!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Roasted Tomato and Rosemary Fougasse

    Hey Folks,

   This week on we're featuring another Fougasse, this time it's Roasted Tomato and Rosemary.  I'm stoked on this one because it's so simple and beautiful and so tasty!! It's $3.50 and available only for the next two weeks.  Below is a pic for you to enjoy:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Congrats to State Bird Provisions

   Conragts to our friends over at State Bird Provisions, they were just named Best Restaurant in America!!!!  Holy cow, that's amazing.  Check it out

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fig and Goat Cheese Fougasse!!

   Here at Firebrand we're very much a chef driven bakery, doing lots of little projects or incorporating unique ingredients in different ways to suit a chefs dish or vision. Sometimes we create whole new breads for people and that was the situation when Bouche opened.  We were asked to start doing a Fougasse for them.  Fougasse is basically a Provencale version of a Calzone or Focaccia depending on how you incorporate your ingredients. We do a bacon version and a Kalamata Olive version for them, but now I'm super excited that we'll be offering a Fig and Goat Cheese version through, it'll go for $5.
    The figs get really carmalized and gooey in the oven and the goat cheese is so tasty with the texture of the dough, it's seriously amazing! We've done a couple of trials here at the mothership and it's gone super fast.  I posted a couple of pics below.  Enjoy!!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

August San Francisco Magazine Cover!!!

   So, just found out our beautiful pretzel rolls are on the cover of San Francisco Magazine this month!! It's for their "All You Can Eat 2012" edition. They've got a sweet looking sandwich made by the folks over at Salumeria using our pretzel roll.  Check it out at

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello World! Hello Good Eggs!

    Well hello out there! After almost five years after signing the lease here at Beach Street we are finally getting around to having a web prescence.  Our website will be finished in the next couple of weeks and I don't know, maybe we'll be on twitter or facebook shortly after that. 
   The purpose of this here blog from Firebrand HQ is to let people out there know what we're all about, share some cool photos of the interesting projects we do, share any news and connect with the beautiful people of the bay area. I'm really stoked to get this up and running and we've got some great things coming up for the rest of the year that I'm excited about.
   One really awesome piece of news is that finally the great folks on this side of bridge can get our bread retail!!  Starting today we'll be selling our bread through . It's a great subscription model service, super easy and we'll be offering similar stuff that we do at Bi-Rite and Rainbow in SF, but we'll be doing a lot of specialty breads as well.  I want to start doing a ton of experimenting here, using alternative grains, different flavor combinations/techniques and bread you won't find anywhere in the area.  I've wanted to do this for years and the good folks at Good Eggs are giving us the platform.  So stay tuned and you can sign up there to recieve email updates on the different breads or check back here, we'll be posting photos of the different breads we do as we create them.   Okey Dokey, kind of long winded, but there you go, below is something we were rockin' out to this morning, and is basically the best band in the world.